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Sven Omnibus Tiemann omnis at
Thu May 15 08:20:56 EDT 2008

Hello Rainer

I know you are the FoxPro crack on this list, thanks for your help.

It seems, that is it Foxpro Version 2.6, dated 1994

The ODBC Driver vfpodbc_german.MSI, provided by Stephan failed to install, error message "Fehler bei der Anwendung von Transformen. Stellen Sie sicher, dass die angegebenen Transformpfade gültig sind". It seems, that this .mis package fails under my XP SP3 installation. 
But I could extract the .msi package manually and copied the dll into the system32 directrory, so it seems to work now!



(Sorry Guys for german error message..)

>>> Rainer R. Greim<RGreim at> 15.05.2008 13:22 >>>
good news : yes..
aske me ...
q1: which foxpro version ?

1. If you have foxpro : export the data to a version where u have the  
odbc-drivers and import it again.
2. OleDB, thats the hardway...
3. ODBC-versions : Yes : Ms likes the OLEDB way, but therefore you  
have write some more code in Omnis...
4. Use Foxpro as a Automtoion engine
5. Use the Upsizing wizzard, if you plan to use a ms-db for your new solution.
Rainer ( old FoxPro dude..)

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