O$: Data Access to Foxpro

Rainer R. Greim RGreim at greimconsulting.de
Thu May 15 07:22:46 EDT 2008

good news : yes..
aske me ...
q1: which foxpro version ?

1. If you have foxpro : export the data to a version where u have the  
odbc-drivers and import it again.
2. OleDB, thats the hardway...
3. ODBC-versions : Yes : Ms likes the OLEDB way, but therefore you  
have write some more code in Omnis...
4. Use Foxpro as a Automtoion engine
5. Use the Upsizing wizzard, if you plan to use a ms-db for your new solution.
Rainer ( old FoxPro dude..)

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