Omnis is a "Dead" Language?

Richard Ure rure01 at
Sun May 11 08:31:38 EDT 2008

On Sun, May 11, 2008 at 8:24 PM, Bastiaan Olij <lists at> wrote:


> It means that people who normally would not have the knowledge to program,
> people who would get completely lost with JAVA, C++, C#, or even VB, can
> pick it up, learn it in a few days, and before they know it, have a working
> application that rivals anything schooled programmers can come up with. To
> be exact, often these applications are better because they are not build by
> programmers (like myself) who don't have an inkling of understanding of
> whatever business their application is for (unless they've been active in it
> for years and are on version x of their app), but they could now be build by
> the very people that understand the business better then anyone else.

The trouble is the market does not seem to value that more now than it did
many years ago.


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