Omnis is a "Dead" Language?

John F. Lambert jfl at
Sun May 11 05:21:04 EDT 2008

With all the recent chatter, I couldn't help noticing that the number of developers on the list(s) is well under 1000!

The fact that Omnis is "little known" is not news to me...  the fact that the number of developers is dropping is...

I have so much invested in Omnis, I wouldn't know where to begin if I had to change - I think I would just stop, as my Omnis work is not my primary income source.  Of course, if Omnis 7 is anything to go by, just because it is no longer actively developed doesn't mean I won't be able to continue to use it for a decade or so!

But seriously, if Omnis is dying, that matters...

But hang on - Omnis is an interpreted "p-code" language with a pretty cool IDE, and a great framework and super powerful native data management engine... plus all it's connectivity to any extension object or database you can think of...

Omnis would be at the TOP of that list of programming languages ( if the p-code it created was the same as the java p-code..., and the OO language was tweaked to mimic Java functionality and code to it (a bit like C++ used to code to C)

This would either be a really cool exit strategy for Omnis, or a really cool new market for Omnis - become the leading development environment for java - (better than Netbeans!)

Based on history, Blyth would probably do a pretty cool job of the migration tool as well, saving our millions of hours of collective code!

Any thoughts?


P.S. How can Omnis survive on less than 1000 developer licence/support fees?

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