O$: #FT - Hundredths

Ben Butler ben.butler at c2internet.net
Sun May 11 04:00:05 EDT 2008


All three return: 09:36:20:00

So there's the 00 - hundredths would be better than 1/60 from #CT due to
smaller time size - I want to use it for comparative execution time

It is a vaguely interesting aside is the Linux box on UTC on the desktop
knows its 8:40 but in a shell the OS thinks its on BST at 9:40, anyway
completely irrelevant to the problem at hand.

Kind Regards


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Hi Ben,

>I am on Windows & Linux - both are doing the same thing:
>Calculate #FT as 'HNSs'
>Calculate #1 as tim(#T)
>Is always returning 00 as the two most right hand digits.

What do you get with

   Calculate #S1 as tim(#T)

   Calculate #S1 as #T

   Calculate #S1 as jst(#T,'T:H:N:S:s')

(using #S1 because I don't know what kind of rounding might happen using

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