O$: Create Window from Schema Class

Ben Butler ben.butler at c2internet.net
Sat May 10 19:08:02 EDT 2008


In O7 it was possible to create a windows from either a file format or
describing an SQL table in Omnis SQL - I am fairly sure I remember doing
that (8+ years ago) - Now in Studio it has to be possible to create a
window like this because the Class Wizards can do it. But I cant seem to
figure out how to do this from a method.

I have connected to the MySQL data source, read the data dict, created
schema classes, created table classes referencing the schema classes -
and now want to automatically create a window class referencing these.

I just want a basic window with one field per column and the standard
next, previous, etc buttons.

Could someone please point me in the right direction.

Kind Regards


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