Top 20 development platforms

Rainer R. Greim RGreim at
Sat May 10 16:33:47 EDT 2008

Hi Bryan,
4 years ago I was looking for something new, to replace Foxpro, and..  
wanted something I had until Foxpro 2.x (Unix) and VFP 3.0 (Mac).
The other point, moving to a web platform, without rewriting  
everything with Java and .Net.
So I found Omnis. The funny thing: I made a lot of postings in the  
Foxpro forum and nobody was really interested in. So either they  
moved to .net or they still use VFP with frameworks.
And the other point. There are only a few customers in the world  
interested in desktop platforms like linux and mac.

One point for me: Ipod.
But there is no Omnis for Ipod, and if you want to make software for  
it, you have to do either a webservice or use the Iphone SDK with  

Next point. There are only a few frameworks for Omnis and I dont  
think a lightweight app ( HTML with Javascript) doesn't really make  
fun, to write that piece cross-platform oriented without frameworks.

So again the question: where will I position Omnis today ?

Old code with .net elements ?
New code : Omnis as the total solution ?
Omnis as the application server ?
Omnis as the database sever ?

And if you have made a decision:
-price about runtimes and professional support.
-available resources

When I plan a large project, I would choose a technology, where I can  
get experts all over the world (most of them use java,  
c, .net, ....). So as Omnis is different and excellent in the way you  
can do software and really finish it, well tested, you have to plan  
training sessions for your resources, if you get some with  Omnis  

Thats why a lot of companies do it in Java,.Net,.....

And the last point. Software is more than clicking some code together.
You need a infrastructure for design / architecture, revision and bug- 
management. And that is something, which is completely missing.  
( have a look at eclipse, visual studio, Together, Rhapsody, ...)

So Im using Omnis now as my "brain middle-ware". I can try something  
out very quick, I can use it as a integration tool ( Active-X, Java....)
and I can use it to operate with different data-sources.

When my engineering prototype is ready, someone will take it, a  
rebuild it in .net or java, because big companies wont pay a lot of  
money for tooling, espc. when Java, and the Visual Studio Express  
Edition are free today.



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