Top 20 development platforms

Christopher Cozad ccozad at
Sat May 10 14:08:18 EDT 2008

On May 10, 2008, at 1:17 PM, Bryan Brodie wrote:

> ...I have been in a position to propose licensing Omnis Studio for  
> new application development, but such a decision would be career  
> suicide.

It seems very few companies have ever adopted Omnis as a result of it  
being a "mainstream" technology. By and large, it is either inherited  
via a legacy app, slipped in through the back door as a result of a  
"killer app" purchase, or somebody makes a "suicidal" career move and  
forces it in. You could be in good company.  \;~}

> ...I made a lot of money developing with Omnis years ago, and I  
> still follow this list. I developed a multi-user Omnis application  
> which has been running since July 1991 with less than 40 hours TOTAL  

Congratulations! Actually, that sounds like a pretty strong reason to  
adopt a technology to me.

> ...My application is scheduled to be replaced in the 4th quarter of  
> this year by a custom written .NET web app. Not my first choice, but  
> difficult to make a case for the status quo.

I wonder if that .NET app will get to enjoy the same legacy?

> ...Sad, Omnis going the way of the electromechanical teletype...  
> just as reliable, just as obsolete.

Sad, indeed. But, even though teletype was largely out the door by the  
time you first unveiled your application, I understand that it is  
still in use by the deaf today (as TDD). Maybe a niche market will yet  
emerge for our beloved Omnis?


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