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Bryan Brodie news at
Sat May 10 13:17:51 EDT 2008

I posed a question more than a year ago (posting was blocked): Where
are the 'new' Omnis Studio developers? The young kids coming up today
who will create the next Google or iTunes?

They aren't on this mailing list and they won't be using Omnis Studio
to change the IT world. Sad, because once you get into it, it is a
great development platform, but it is being eclipsed due to neglect by
the vendor (and silliness on this list).

Would any sensible corporate IT officer license Omnis Studio, after
reading the kind of childishness posted here?

Would any rational company bet their future on an IT solution based on
a platform with such a shaky foundation?

I have been in a position to propose licensing Omnis Studio for new
application development, but such a decision would be career suicide.

I was an original licensee of Omnis 3.3 for Mac (on a Mac 512K) back
in 1985, and a lot of versions since. I attended Euromnis in '98 or
'99 (forgot which) - it was a lot of fun....

I made a lot of money developing with Omnis years ago, and I still
follow this list. I developed a multi-user Omnis application which has
been running since July 1991 with less than 40 hours TOTAL DOWNTIME.

My application is scheduled to be replaced in the 4th quarter of this
year by a custom written .NET web app. Not my first choice, but
difficult to make a case for the status quo.

Sad, Omnis going the way of the electromechanical teletype... just as
reliable, just as obsolete.

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