Omnis Wiki; A proposal

Steve Farmer hts at
Fri May 9 09:55:05 EDT 2008

Hi all,

I have been thinking that a wiki would be a great way to store and  
organise Omnis information in a structured usable way.  This was  
partly inspired by the loss of the information in the blogs, which  
had been built up by the community.

I therefore registered the domain (it is currently parked)

What i would like to see is community involvement and management by a  

I am prepared to host it and to administer it with the help of some  

To ensure non-one will ever own it, I will share the domain  
registration password with the admin team and I will also set up a  
nightly ftp backup to at least three different servers which would be  
owned by different people.

If people think I have some kind of hidden agenda here, then they are  
wrong.  I am quite prepared to hand over the whole thing to a team of  
volunteers.  My objective here is to seed what I see could become a  
very valuable resource for the community.

Comments and input more than welcome.

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