Apologies, the legacy of OC and rebuilding

Steve Farmer hts at hts.com.au
Fri May 9 09:41:08 EDT 2008

Hi all

I think if any apologies are in order, then they should come from all  
involved.  Realistically, so much shit has been thrown, that I think  
it's best to let it all go.  I am not expecting or demanding any  
apologies from anyone about anything.

As far as the legacy of OC goes, sadly I think that it is plain for  
all of us to see, a divided community and two mailing lists.

Lets try to be positive and see what we can do about rebuilding the  
trust and spirit which has been so badly damaged by all of this.


Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's  
character, give him power.
–Abraham Lincoln, U.S. president (1809-1865)
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