What makes a susscesful mailing list?

Steve Farmer hts at hts.com.au
Fri May 9 04:46:14 EDT 2008


Apologies for posting to both lists.

I have been thinking a little about what makes a successful mailing  
list and have come to the conclusion that, apart from a good spirited  
exchange, it id the people who answer the questions who really make  
the list.

The lurkers add nothing, the questioners are essential but they would  
soon stop posting if they did not get answers.

So, IMO, the critical piece is the people who freely give of their  
time and expertise to answer questions.

A quick scan of the list archives will easily reveal that the  
majority of the questions are answered by a relatively small number  
of people.

I would also suggest that these people have every right to be  
involved in the way that the list is run and managed

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