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Steve Farmer hts at
Fri May 9 04:37:39 EDT 2008


Having personally been on every Omnis list since about 1984, I can  
say that this last two years is by far the worst for off-topic  
arguments and disagreement

Lets hope that phase is now behind us

On 09/05/2008, at 8:09 AM, Rainer R. Greim wrote:

> Hi Michael,
> thanks for your email.
> 2 years ago i have moved to Omnis. I dont know how much Omnis  
> developers are still in the world, and much more interesting how  
> many of them are newbees like me.
> In my more than 20 years bus exeprience I have never had something  
> like the Omnis daily soap. If you analyze the postings of the last  
> 2 years, the most of them are not really Omnis related.
> 2 conferences, 2 lists,...
> I have never had so many emails in my Omnis postbox since last week.
> So its like here in germany. In summer there are now topics for the  
> newscenters about politics, because the important persons a on  
> holiday.
> So the news take every class C topic they can find, to have  
> something to write.
> Im happy, that there is a list, and that I can help everyone, even  
> I dont have 20 years Omnis experience.
> But I makes me sad, having this Omnis daily soap.
> So instead of thinking about new episodes, I would be happy to read  
> something:
> my daily gotcha with Omnis....
> This afternoon I will present my little tool made with Omnis  
> instead of PHP, Perl, Java.
> If I have time I will write some blogs about "Omnis for the daily  
> use" in my Portal, an if there is a "Omniscentral" again, for sure  
> there also.
> Rainer
> confused about 2 conferences, 2 lists
> But I understand now, why some are asking about the financial  
> aspect of the lists. Its not about Maildetails and Omnis-Know-How,  
> its about the Daily-Soap-Topics", to make a movie of it.
> Have you already fund the actors for it ?
> Maybe this is the kind of a new bus modell. Find a list about a IT  
> topic, subscribe to it, whatch it, and if it is intersting, produce  
> daily-podcasts, or broadcast episods on movie channels or paytv.

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