For the Record

Rainer R. Greim RGreim at
Fri May 9 03:09:21 EDT 2008

Hi Michael,

thanks for your email.
2 years ago i have moved to Omnis. I dont know how much Omnis  
developers are still in the world, and much more interesting how many  
of them are newbees like me.

In my more than 20 years bus exeprience I have never had something  
like the Omnis daily soap. If you analyze the postings of the last 2  
years, the most of them are not really Omnis related.

2 conferences, 2 lists,...

I have never had so many emails in my Omnis postbox since last week.
So its like here in germany. In summer there are now topics for the  
newscenters about politics, because the important persons a on holiday.
So the news take every class C topic they can find, to have something  
to write.

Im happy, that there is a list, and that I can help everyone, even I  
dont have 20 years Omnis experience.

But I makes me sad, having this Omnis daily soap.

So instead of thinking about new episodes, I would be happy to read something:
my daily gotcha with Omnis....

This afternoon I will present my little tool made with Omnis instead  
of PHP, Perl, Java.
If I have time I will write some blogs about "Omnis for the daily use"  
in my Portal, an if there is a "Omniscentral" again, for sure there  

confused about 2 conferences, 2 lists

But I understand now, why some are asking about the financial aspect  
of the lists. Its not about Maildetails and Omnis-Know-How, its about  
the Daily-Soap-Topics", to make a movie of it.
Have you already fund the actors for it ?
Maybe this is the kind of a new bus modell. Find a list about a IT  
topic, subscribe to it, whatch it, and if it is intersting, produce  
daily-podcasts, or broadcast episods on movie channels or paytv.

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