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Dear fellow Omnis Developers,

The king is dead. Long live the king.
I'm in an bit of a cynical mood. Having read all the contributions  
concerning the 'TRANSITION'
And I could not help thinking....

Was it Mark who contacted the Old Kings 'off list', or was it Brian,  
or perhaps Fred or was it Dan?
Or, and this would be a happy coincedence, they all contacted the Old  
Kings simultaneously.
And I do not intend to spread any distrust in the procedures, for they  
are honorable men, both Clifford and David.

But, let us for argument sake say, that it was Brian who contacted the  
Kings. ( No offence meant, Brian, there was a great movie made about a  
man with that name)
He volunteered, Off List off course, to take on the duties of managing  
the list and whatever was included in the inheritance.
And the Kings looked benevolently upon Brian and they nodded their  
greying and bolding heads and gave him the job. 'But..... you must go  
and find some trustworthy friends to bring this great work about', and  
so Brian went round, asking people to help him in this endeavour, and  
he came to Mark and Fred and Dan, three wise men, from the east or so.
They agreed to take on this burden, for the benefit of the Omnis  
Community. And the Kings saw it was good.

But maybe, history was not this predictive. It could have been the  
Kings who contacted Brain in the first place (Off List offcourse). I  
mean, why wait, for the small chance of the right person contacting  
you, when you have the power to contact whoever you like.
So perhaps the Kings looked for Brian to be the choosen one, and they  
gave him the task of finding suitable companions, and they whispered a  
few names in his ears.

But my fellow Developers, remember, I am not one to spread any ill  
will against David or Clifford, for as I said before, they are  
honorable men, both of them.
They knew Doug was not qualified, not up to the job, not made of the  
material where List-Moms and List-Dads are made of, and they have the  
knowledge, the wisdom, as Doug will realize by now, and all the other  

So rejoice, for there is a sign in the Omnis-heavens, that says,  
salvation has arrived, we give you : Mark, Brian, Fred and Dan
A few of us have gone astray, to the Kuyvenhoven gang, some people  
turned into minions, or worse, but a chance is given to come back on  
the right track.

But, be not mistaken, these are honorable men, as I have said before,  
and as other people have said.

The king is dead. Long live the king.



On 8 mei 2008, at 16:46, OmnisCentral Portal Co-Founders wrote:

> Dear Fellow Omnis Developers,
> We are pleased to announce that the lists have been transferred to  
> under the domain. No money changed  
> hands, and the new stewards are volunteers. The archives will be  
> transferred with the lists.  You will recognize the domain because  
> there is also a search engine for the archives there, now making the  
> lists and search engine at a convenient single domain.
> The list administrators are Mark Phillips, Brian O'Sullivan, Fred  
> Haislmaier and Dan Ridinger.  All four are well-known, greatly- 
> respected, long-standing members of the Omnis community with  
> impeccable credentials. They are all Omnis developers themselves and  
> have had exposure to many different facets of the Omnis world over  
> many years.  We are confident that they will make a great team and  
> honorable custodians of the lists for years to come.
> For those of you who don't know them, here is a short bio on each of  
> them.
> Mark Phillips - Mark is owner of Mophilly and Associates, based in  
> San Diego.  Many know him from his time at Raining Data and he has  
> the scars to prove it.
> Brian O'Sullivan - Brian is a Sr. Systems Specialist at DuPont and  
> is based in Philadelphia.  A former Blyth consultant, Brian now  
> provides technical guidance to a large team of of developers for  
> DuPont stretching from North America to China to the EU.
> Fred Haislmaier - Fred is a independent developer based in Virginia.  
> Many know him as a former list administrator and *he* has the scars  
> to prove it.
> Dan Ridinger - Dan is owner of FutureChalk, Inc. and is based in  
> Vancouver, Canada.  He is an independent developer and is also on  
> the staff of Simon Fraser University.  He often uses Omnis as  
> examples in his lectures.
> The lists will be transferred seamlessly, there is no need to  
> unsubscribe from or to subscribe to  
> For your convenience, all lists will be the same name as they were  
> at, i.e. omnisdev-en at, omnisdev-de at 
> , etc.  You will need to change your filters if you use them for the  
> lists and they are domain based.
> Mark, Brian, Fred and Dan will post their own welcome announcement  
> shortly.
> -- 
> Regards,
> OmnisCentral Portal Co-Founders
> David Ferri
> Clifford Ilkay
> _______________________________________________
> Manage your list subscriptions at

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