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<html><head><style type="text/css"><!--
blockquote, dl, ul, ol, li { padding-top: 0 ; padding-bottom: 0 }
 --></style><title>Welcome to the omnis-dev lists at
<div>Fellow listers,<br>
The four of us have taken on management of the list server in response
to David and Clifford's decision to step down as list administrators.
We hope you will accept this move with the spirit of kindness and
concern for our little trailer park along side the Internet highway
that we felt when we accepted the responsibility.<br>
We realize that several people have graciously offered to take this
task on and others have set up their own lists this week. To the
former, we invite you to send suggestions. To the latter, please do
not feel that we assume any sort of grand status in this task. If you
wish to continue on your own, we will not be offended.<br>
We have created exact copies (well, as close as we can anyway) of the
OmnisCentral lists. Each of the five languages have been replicated
(English, Spanish, French, German and Italian). These are conveniently
hosted on the omnis-dev.com domain, where Fred has hosted a searchable
archive for the community since 1999. If you were subscribed to an
OmnisCentral list, you are now subscribed to the same list on
Omnis-Dev.com. The only change you will need to make is using the
following posting addresses for the various lists instead of the same
addresses @lists.omniscentral.com.<br>
English - omnisdev-en at lists.omnis-dev.com<br>
Spanish - omnisdev-es at lists.omnis-dev.com<br>
German - omnisdev-de at lists.omnis-dev.com<br>
French - omnisdev-fr at lists.omnis-dev.com<br>
Italian - omnisdev-it at lists.omnis-dev.com<br>
Clifford has set up a forwarder for the OmnisCentral posting addresses
so that any posts sent to those addresses for the foreseeable future
will be automatically forwarded to the posting addresses for the above
lists. That ensures the transition will be smooth and that no one has
to worry about being stranded on a decommissioned list.<br>
Send your comments to us by email; criticisms may be sent via United
States Postal Service. Use "Express Delivery" to guarantee
delivery within 90 days. We prefer letters be written in long hand in
Olde English; it helps us suss out the important details more quickly.
But seriously, folks... we're all professionals here, and encourage a
continuation of the courteous discourse to which we're all
In your service, alphabetically by first name,<br>
<div>Brian O'Sullivan, Dan Ridinger, Fred Haislmaier and Mark
<div><font face="Lucida Grande" color="#000000">Admins for the Omnis
Developer Community's technical exchange.</font></div>
<div><font face="Lucida Grande" color="#000000">Serving the community
since 1995</font>.</div>

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